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While there are now more than 500 Arabic and Persian language news outlets reporting stories from and about the Middle East, there is currently no affordable means for English speakers to gain access to much of this content. As a result, the overwhelming majority of English speaking businesspersons, students, journalists and others who have an interest in the affairs of the region are largely unaware of what the Middle East media is covering and how they are covering these stories.

Mideastwire.com aims to close this gap by offering a daily email newsletter of concise, translated briefs covering some of the key political, cultural, economic and opinion pieces appearing in the media of the 22 Arab countries, Iran and the Arab Diaspora. Through this effort, we hope to address at least one element of a global disconnect that continues to threaten a wide spectrum of socio-political and economic relationships, both here in the region and beyond.
"Malaysia refused and Bahrain welcomed the “Israel Congress!”  (Al-Akhbar Lebanon, Lebanon)
Arab Diplomacy - Peace Process
On October 20, the Al-Akhbar daily newspaper carried the following report by Hassan Zeineddin: “Hosting this event entails carrying out some conditions such as placing the Israeli flag on the table during the Congress’ works. After considering all the pros and cons, we thought it is best that Malaysia does not host this event.” This statement was made by Afandi Hamza, the vice president of the Football Association of Malaysia, two months ago when his country refused to host the FIFA’s Congress, which is supposed to take place in May 2017 because of Israel’s presence… (Read More)
“The surprises of the Autumn of Wrath”  (Newspaper, Middle East)   
Democracy and Party Politics - Governmental Reform - Unrest
On October 17, the Egyptian Shourouk newspaper carried the following opinion piece by Muhammad Esmat: “If you are among those expecting the eruption of a “third revolution” on November 11 to topple the regime, I do not advise you to continue reading the following lines. Indeed, the most dangerous scenario that could be expected for that day would be the eruption of several demonstrations raising fiercer slogans against the authority, even against President Es-Sisi himself. This is due to the fact that the police will deter them with all the violent means used on such occasions, causing some to lose their lives and others to be arrested. And this day will then end without redrawing the balances of power in our current political reality. The authority on the other hand is hoping that this day would go by without one demonstration and that the security forces would be able to contain their instigators in advance… (Read More)
"The Nature of Differences Between America and Saudi Arabia Over Iran"  (Keyhan, Iran)   
Arab Diplomacy - Democracy and Party Politics - USA EU
An editorial by Sa'dollah Zare'i in the conservative Keyhan daily said: ""Iran poses an existential threat to Israeli and Saudi regimes". This is a shared feeling by the Zionist regime and Arabia towards Iran. Those two regimes assume that Iran has a clear and timed plan for their destruction, and that she is getting closer to that plan step by step. However, to a large extent the Americans have a different understanding regarding those assumptions. Although America that is Iran's number one enemy has pointed the sharp edge of its arrows at Iran and as a result spends most of her energy on confronting Iran, nevertheless, she tries to achieve that aim by means of weakening Iran and by making use of certain strategies and conspiracies from inside Iran. As a result, Arabian and Zionist regime's officials accuse America of failing to appreciate the enormity of the threat that Iran poses, and they believe that America should make use of military power to destroy Iran, instead of wasting time in trying to weaken and control Iran.!… (Read More)
"Exclude JCPOA from Political Rivalries"  (Jomhuri-ye Eslami, Iran)
United Nations - USA EU
On October 4, a commentary in the conservative Jomhuri-ye Eslami said: "In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Minister of foreign affairs' [Mohammad Javad Zarif] presence at the Majlis to respond to repeated questions of an MP, and relatively harsh statements made during this visit, showed once again that the "JCPOA" is still one of the hot topics focused on by the 11th government's political rivals. Attacking what President [Hassan] Rouhani considers the biggest achievement of his government is on the agenda of critics and the concerned ones [hardline critics of President Rouhani]. Continuation of such a trend would not have been too worrying if the Islamic Republic's system -- not just the government, the Majlis, or political currents, but the totality of the system -- was not in the current situation. In fact, we could have considered criticisms against the JCPOA an instance of internal domestic competitions. However, under the current circumstances, the approach pursued by the government's political rivals with regards to the J! CPOA is very worrying, dangerous, and costly due to a number of factors, and it should be stopped as soon as possible… (Read More)
“Russian-American conflict in Mosul…”  (Asharq al-Awsat, United Kingdom)
Military Defense - Terrorism - USA EU
On October 20, the Saudi-owned, London-based Asharq al-Awsat daily newspaper carried the following report: “A high-ranking Iraqi source revealed that “there is a clear clash between the American and Russian Administrations concerning the battle of Mosul especially with respect to dealing with the ISIL fighters that amount to a few thousands, part of which have received a high level of training to engage in ferocious battles while the others are suicide bombers… (Read More)
“Iraq’s Turkmen warn against PKK’s positioning in their regions following Mosul operation”  (Website, Middle East)
Democracy and Party Politics - Military Defense - Terrorism
On October 20, the official Turkish Anadolu News Agency carried the following report by its correspondent in Ankara Ece Nur Colak: “President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Arshad Salehi warned today on Wednesday against the possible positioning of elements from the terrorist PKK in the Turkmen regions of the Nineveh governorate [northern Iraq], particularly in the Tal Afar district, once Mosul City (the governorate’s centre) is retaken from ISIL. He thus said to Anadolu over the phone: “We fear that once ISIL concludes this chapter of the play, the Turkmen regions in Tal Afar will become at risk. This is due to the threat of seeing Sinjar permanently surrendered to the PKK upon the end of the operation.” He continued: “The PKK strip (the regions controlled by the organization) through Syria, might extend from Sinjar to Tal Afar, knowing that the organization is also present in Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu… (Read More)
“Al-Marada bracing for a “presidential battle” at the parliament!”  (As-Safir, Lebanon)
Democracy and Party Politics
On October 20, the independent, leftist As-Safir daily newspaper carried the following report by Ghassan Rifi: “Nothing has changed in Bnachi [Franjieh’s stronghold]. Calm is reigning as always, and everyone is waiting for [former] PM Sa’d al-Hariri to announce Gen. Michel Aoun’s nomination for president in order to decide on the next steps and start a new phase of consultations and communications based on the presidential developments… (Read More)
“Signs of a Gulf action and an urgent French exploration”  (As-Safir, Lebanon)
Arab Diplomacy - Democracy and Party Politics
On October 20, the independent, leftist As-Safir daily newspaper carried the following report by Daoud Rammal: “No one is stronger than their master and benefactor. This is a rule of life.” This statement was made yesterday by an Arab diplomat in Beirut as he was evaluating the political developments happening in Lebanon and the region. When the same diplomat was asked to provide his opinion on the near announcement to be made by the head of the Future movement, Sa’d al-Hariri about his nomination of MP Michel Aoun for president, he responded, in a decisive manner, and said twice: “I don’t think so. I don’t think so… (Read More)
Middle East
“The Egyptian-Saudi tension: Who decided to flip over, Cairo or Al-Riyadh?”  (Al-Watan Syria, Syria)
Arab Diplomacy - Energy
On October 19, the pro-Syrian regime Al-Watan daily newspaper carried the following piece by Feras Riad al-Jiroudi: “Unlike what the Saudi media outlets have been trying to insinuate by saying that the decision of the Saudi Aramco company to shy away from the agreement to supply Egypt with petroleum products did not come as a response to the Egyptian voting in favor of the Russian resolution on Syria at the Security Council, the available pieces of information indicate that the Egyptian side was informed that Aramco will halt the agreement two days prior to the Security Council’s session on Syria; knowing that the Egyptian position at the session was neither surprising nor did it fall outside the context of Cairo’s earlier principles regarding the conflict in Syria in a way as to justify this response… (Read More)
“Morocco and Jordan: The Islamists’ progress and the retreat of the left”  (Al-Quds al-Arabi, United Kingdom)   
Democracy and Party Politics
On October 20, the Qatari-owned Al-Quds al-Arabi daily carried the following lead editorial: “Morocco (on October 7) and Jordan (last month) witnessed elections that resulted in the first case in the Islamic Justice and Development Party’s reaping of 125 out of 395 seats, which gave it the needed majority to form a government under the premiership of Abdelilah Benkirane, and in the second case, in the Muslim Brotherhood’s return to the parliamentary map after years of boycotting, with a number of seats that does not grant it a majority (15 deputies out of 130), but presents it as a cohesive and solid bloc inside the assembly... During the last Moroccan elections, the left suffered a major quake, which propelled it from the forefront of political action to the sidelines, after 50 years of representing the largest opposition movement against the monarchy… (Read More)
“The new secret deal: Aleppo to the Russians and their allies; Mosul to America and its allies…”  (Website, Middle East)
Peace Process - USA EU
On October 19, the electronic Rai al-Youm daily newspaper carried the following piece by Abdul Bari Atwan: “We admit that, whenever we’re discussing issues pertaining to our Arab region and its crises, we don’t hesitate to declare our belief in the “conspiracy theory” without any reservations. This is not because we are emotional or because we tend to judge without analyzing; but rather because we have been affected by the fire of these conspiracies and we are paying a hefty price from our blood, the stability of our country, and its geographic unity… (Read More)
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